SE.MA. Trasporti & Traslochi (lit. transports and movals) has been established in 1992 in the surroundings of Varese, Northern Italy not so far from the Swiss border. Our company has been working for years, with expertise and reliability, handling freights, movals, furniture assembly, packing and renting truck ladders.
Our best publicity is the word of mouth of those custumers we statisfied over the years.

Those who choose our company can be sure to find seriousness, skilled staff, prompt service and customized solutions for their needs .

The company
Thanks to the experience gained in the field of transport and removals we can boast to be prepared to respond in a prompt and professional way to an ever-growing customer base.

Our activity
Over the years we cared about acquiring the necessary tools that allowed us never to disappoint our customers’ expectations.
We believe that the best publicity is the group of testimonies of those we convinced and those who, eventually, engaged us twice.
Our main activity is the removal of housing units from the very beginning (packaging) and removal of furniture and furnishings , transportation up to the point of delivery and replacement at the destination.
Customized services
Our services include :
• aerial platform rental- up to the 10th floor and ladder trucks with operator
• modifications and adaptations of furniture
• trunks for clothing items
• supply of packaging
•  storage of customers’ furniture
• disposal at approved landfills
• services during bank holidays
On all your materials we’ll transport, we offer insurance coverage for accidents or damage that remotely may occurr.
Do not hesitate to contact us, fill out a free price quote estimation according to your actual needs .

CALL US: +39 335 59 23 261
or WRITE US AN E-MAIL: sema.sas@live.it




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